Suits your Needs
ET is able to quickly test the electronic and electropneumatic actuators of the turbocharger. It has been designed to diagnose and possibly repair the actuators on modern turbochargers. Completeness and reliability make the ET tester the new reference point for professionals in the sector.
Versatility and Simplicity
Rugged design, matches intuitive data visualization thanks to wide display, allowing you to overview important informations for a complete diagnosis. PWM and CAN-bus communications protocols go through dedicated cables, one for each type of actuator.
The device, allows to control if the turbo VNT arm’s movement is fluid and solid; verify if all electronics and mechanical parts work properly. Manage internal DC motor to control arm movement.
Connectors and Cables
ET is supplied with 28 Cables with original connectors compatible with over 580 turbochargers. Actuators by Hella, Siemens (VW/Audi), Mitsubishi, Sonceboz, Hitachi, Continental, Magneti Marelli, Mando, Kamtec, Mahle, Denso and many more, are brands supported by our ET.
Free and constant software updates through the included practical USB cable. Discover more inside the complete list of cables, sorted by brand.
Operation Goes On Stage
ET Tester can successfully be operated by professionals experienced in the remanufacturing of turbochargers and by any car technician, looking for a reliable partner to solve painful problems related to malfunctions of this delicate component.
Technical Specifications
Model Name ET
Rated Voltage 15 V CC
Rated Current 4 A
Phase 1 Phase + N + PE
50 / 60 Hz
Maximum Power 65 W
Dimension W x D x H 180 x 130 x 50 mm
Weight 495 g
Ambient Temperature
Limits Deg °C (min/max)
5 / 45 °C
Always Ready
Thanks to the practical case, you could take with you all the necessary tools for an optimal intervention. Easy to transport, it safely carries your valuable equipment. Through dedicated slots, your kit will always be well organized and ready to deploy.
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