About Us
For many years armec has taken care of original turbochargers remanufacturing, experience that allows armec, to produce test benches, equipment and testers of its own brand name.
Specialized in the remanufacturing of turbochargers, at Armec they define themselves real "craftsmen, who do not regenerate but remanufacture the turbocharger."
The company has been in business since 1970 and the first remaufactured turbocharger dates back to 1983.
In carrying out its activities, Armec remanufactures original turbo of the leading international brands.
Guided by a passion for this activity, the owners and employees of the company have gained extensive experience in the field, so as to offer the market the “Turbo Armec”, a product that, as Luigi Arbore, quality technician at Armec, states, "stand the test to the original turbo".
With the growth of the business, in 2010 Armec has opened the new headquarters of Corato (BA).
Equipment Specialist
With its experience in the remanufacturing of turbochargers, Armec has created and patented tools, equipment and test benches for the remanufacturing of the turbo, so as to best carry out the activity.
The aim, is indeed to provide the “Turbo Armec” always embodying the same specifications of the original turbo.
Armec works with many professionals who use the “Turbo Armec” equipment, testers and test benches and with whom the company shares the hands-on experience.
To those wishing to undertake the remanufacturing of the turbo, the company offers for rental* its own test benches.
In the workshop you can attend a demonstration of the various stages of the turbo remanufacturing, with the use of “Turbo Armec” equipment, testers and test benches.
To participate simply fill out the invitation form on turbo.it website.

* Only for Italian Market at the present time
At our premises, we also offer technical training courses aimed at supporting car repair, engine builders, rectifiers and engine remanufacturers.
Armec makes available its expertise, continuously updated, to solve most of the turbo engine problems and to create new jobs.
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