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OST is able to quickly test a turbocharger’s oil seal.
It accurately analyzes potential oil leaks at both, compressor and turbine side.
Easy to use, it allows you to detect and solve recurring problems related to oil consumption on the vehicle.

Equipped with the revolutionary ARMEC UNIVERSAL TURBO SUPPORT, it will allow an easy test through a simple and quick set-up of the turbo to be tested.
High reliability and simple maintainability make it an indispensable piece of equipment to guarantee a high quality standard.
With a modern design, it is equipped with a 4.3" display for real-time viewing of all the necessary test information.

Reliability and simplicity

Broad-spectrum sensors feature unrivaled detection capabilities that allow you to easily complete the detection of any turbo oil leaks.
Unlike traditional sensors, which use only a red LED, OST sensors use a white LED and the full color spectrum. This way you will get reliable and stable detection.

Technical specifications
Model Name OST TRUCK
Rated Voltage 230 V ± 10 %
Rated Current 1 A
Phase 1 Phase + N + PE
50 / 60 Hz
Maximum Power 1400 W
Dimension W x D x H 450 x 450 x 935 mm
Weight 70 Kg
Drive by compressed air 0-5 bar
Male Quick Connector
Ambient Temperature
Limits Deg °C (min/max)
5 / 45 °C
Multi-Brand kit
for your tests

Designed to best suit your operational needs, the included set comprises adapters that cover the complete range of turbochargers on the market.

Esplora Ora la Dotazione OST

Scopri di più interagendo con l'immagine qui di fianco.

Tools & Raccordi Ingresso Olio

Avrai a disposizione l'occorrente per il set-up del turbocompressore.
Rapidità e semplicità sono le caratteristiche che contraddistinguono il kit incluso in OST.

Adattatori Uscita Olio dal Turbo

26 versatili adattatori ti permetteranno di preparare al meglio il turbocompressore per il test.
Completi di guarnizione, garantiscono una corretta tenuta e affidabilità nel tempo.

Turbo Oil-Out adapters

26 versatile adapters will allow you to best prepare the turbocharger to be tested.
Complete with gaskets and O-rings, offer a correct seal and reliability over time.

Tools &
Oil-In Connectors

You will receive all necessary accessories to set-up your turbocharger.
Quick and simple operation are key features detailing our OST included kit.

Maximum Safety

TURBO ARMEC guarantees a 100% safe shipment. Thanks to our rugged packaging, your OST will be protected during transport. This solution offers flexibility, is long lasting, lightweight, practical and re-usable and can be compacted to save space.

Our Packaging
Folding case in ISPM 15 FAO treated birch
Internal Dimensions 136 x 61 x 70h cm
External Dimensions 137.2 x 62.2 x 82.6h cm
Bottom Thickness 2,5 cm
Weight 125 Kg
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